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5 Factors To Consider Before You Select A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business In 2020

By Varun Bhate

You must be wondering:-

Which digital marketing agency is good for you?

Will that digital marketing agency will give the best Return On Investment?

Should I select a specialized agency in a particular platform or should I go for an agency with the overall package?

 Whether you are looking for the best digital marketing agency in Pune, or anywhere. There are some factors you must always consider before selecting any of the digital marketing agency. 

  As we have observed client knows what he wants but he is not sure about which agency he should select. The basic motive behind writing this blog is very simple. It is to educate people about the factors they must look for before going for an agreement. 

So let’s start

1. Creativity in ideas

The most important factor for any marketing campaign to be successful is the basic idea behind that campaign. A great idea includes USP as well as have the reason why people should buy that particular product.
You must be thinking big companies will have some extraordinary ideas. But, it not always true. A small agency can also come up with an excellent creative idea. Instead of channels used for the marketing campaign, the idea plays a vital role in getting better ROI.
                 The campaign with a great creative idea can be stretched on all the marketing channels. And not just one channel like TV or radio or even digital marketing. You can also do one more thing before signing the contract is to meet their marketing and creative team. The creative team will take care of all the creative factors like designing, writing creative messages, creating videos etc. While the marketing team will look after which channel will give audience reach & awareness. So meeting them and getting their insights, views on your product will help you in analyzing their understanding level. Also, you will come to know how they view and think of your product.

TIP :- To evaluate the creativity in ideas look for the previous campaigns that the agency has executed. And look at them from a buyer perspective.

2. Agency Staff Knowledge

As we all are aware knowledge is the deciding factor for anything to be successful. Because the detailed knowledge equips marketers in targeting the right set of people with less budget.
As there are many bidding strategies available in Google ads & Facebook ads. The right knowledge of selecting whether to pay for impressions or clicks can hugely impact the outcome of the campaign.
                    Before taking a decision to go ahead with that agency, meet there staff. To know about there knowledge talk with them. Talk about your product and see how they think about your product from a marketing view. 

TIP :- Talk with the staff about how they have helped other companies with the same product. See which marketing channels they are using the most. Ask them about the strategies they are recommending.

3. Go through online ratings and reviews of the firm

Nowadays it has become very easy to get feedback about the product and services through Google search.  Google provides you ratings and reviews of the particular product or service. Also, gives information about the pros and cons of it.
                        Google rating and Facebook page recommendation can provide you valuable insights about the feedback of previous work of the agency.
You must be thinking why it is the most important thing while selecting ?
             Because it is a social proof of the company performance and honest reviews by the people. Also, it is not possible to edit/ alter those reviews from the company side. So the information is very authentic and can be trusted.

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TIP :- If people are recommending and happy that is directly shown on the page, most of the time the review is unbiased. You can connect those people using Facebook messenger & ask about the feedback on a personal level.

4. Factors complimenting the charges

People might feel that the firm which is a little more expensive might deliver great results. On the other hand, the less expensive firm won’t deliver those results. In the same way, there is no assurance, the firm asking for greater money will deliver the best results.
So how you will evaluate which one you should go ahead with ?
                Most of the companies give bifurcation of the quotation. Have a detailed conversation with the firm and ask them to explain the quotation. That will help you to understand when & where charges have been distributed.
Charges depend on the complexity of projects, their expertise, and even the market reputation of the firm. How much time and efforts will be required, is the main deciding pricing factor.
Also, you can ask the firm to share the screenshot of the conversion they are committing. Facebook and Google both give you approximate data about how much conversions/leads you can expect at a particular cost.

TIP :- Instead of looking just for a cost also look for value, the agency will bring to your brand. e.g, the company is asking for a small extra amount for handling all the social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Pinterest. That small amount will create your brand presence on all platforms. One more advantage is personally you don't need to look after all of them.

5. Your budget

Be prepared with your own yearly marketing budget. That will not only help you as well as the digital marketing agency. The company can suggest the best possible ways to utilize that amount for a greater ROI.

            Because ultimately digital marketing agency in Pune like us have many creative ideas. Like explainer videos,  whiteboard animation, or even 3D animation. These videos create the best awareness,  but a good amount of cost is involved in video production.

           If any agency is committing some exact amount of leads or conversions, don’t sign a contract. Because all the insights given by Facebook as well as Google are approximate. Also, they are based on previous data under some very ideal scenarios, so they never commit exact leads.

            Facebook advertising cost depends on many factors, we have written simple article 5 Factors That Affect the Cost Of Facebook Ads which will give your insights while selecting your budget & digital marketing agency.

TIP :- Prepare an Excel sheet with all the expenses you can do over the year. While calculating take an industry conversion rate of 2%-4% as a base. Also, divide your budget into two parts one marketing budget which will get directly transferred to advertising platforms. And the second part will consist of service charges charged by the digital marketing agency.

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