Top 5 reasons why you should bring your business online in 2021

By Varun Bhate

Thinking about getting your business online due to COVID-19 impact ? 

It’s been a long time, some businesses have taken the step ahead by taking their business online and now they are doing their business during lockdown and they will enjoy after lockdown.

Because they have not lost the connection with their buyers because do their physical store was closed their online store was serving their clients 24X7. 

It’s been seen that during the quarantine time people engagement increased by 40%.

there are many advantages involved when your business is running online but I have some of the most important factors that give you an advantage over your competitors due to online presence.

As social distancing has become a part of our lives for a large amount of upcoming time it has become the most important priority connect with your audience virtually.

If you think of getting your business online we recommend you to go through our previous blog on how to select digital marketing agency in 2020 which will give you valuable insights before selecting any digital marketing agency.

1. More buyers are available than before

Due to quarantine and work from home scenarios people want everything at their doorsteps. People are preferring the option of home delivery to avoid any social contact.

Working from home is somewhat more time consuming so people take small breaks & most of the time go through their social media to get some relief from work. That is the biggest opportunity for small businesses to advertise because they are getting better than before views and engagement. 

We work from home our mind is more focused so whatever we do we engage with that thing on the best level that also applies for online advertisements. As you are getting more engagement and views for what you are waiting for ?

TIP :- Every post in getting more engagement ever than before. So stop thinking & start posting.

2. Low overhead & high margins

Have you ever wondered why E-Commerce websites are making more business than retail stores ?

Because ultimately they are having low overhead expenses like electricity bills, taxes, maintenance costs, etc. So they can give you a better discount and parson that advantage to their customers. As your favorites become less your profit margin can be increased marginally. 

More discount leads to more customers ultimately bringing your business online has a huge advantage from the buyer as well as seller point of you.

TIP :- As your overheads are less, you can passion that advantage to your customers in the form of discounts which will create a win-win situation for you as well as your customers.

3. Online Marketing Can Be Started With a Low Budget

As we all know traditional marketing channels like hoarding, leaflets, brochures require a huge amount of investment.  but when you are in a Startup phase having that much cash flow is next to impossible. On the contrary, in digital marketing, you can start with the budget as low as rupees hundred per day.
Also so when it comes to calculating the return on investment it is technically impossible to predict how many people have really gone through your advertisement.  but you can easily predict that in  Facebook ads,  Google ads,  LinkedIn ads, or even SEO.
When we think of production cost it is also very cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. If we take an example of hoarding first you need to invest in design and then printing that whole design is also a costly affair plus running that advertisement on hoarding is another use investment but when it comes to digital marketing you don’t need to do you such huge expenses.

4. 24X7 - 365 Days Availability

If you are having a physical store or an office you cannot be always available for your customers.  Right?

Because when you are having your website and your work, services, products are being displayed then virtually you are available. Your customers can connect with you anytime & from anywhere.
As in the case of store or office, you can keep it open for a certain period of time but when your business is online it is virtually “ALL DAY OPEN” that not only helps you in getting more customers but also helps your customers to buy from you anytime anywhere.
From your point of view, you can be anywhere in the world but you can always serve your customers remotely.

TIP :- Bring your brand online as early as possible because in 2020 E-commerce business is expected to grow to $60 billion dollars.

5. Target The Global & Highly Scalable Market

When you can go Global why to remain local ?  but without an online presence, it is next to impossible to reach the global audience.  you can serve a lot more customers through you are virtual Store.
your customer base can increase drastically with your single decision to bring your business online. As a digital marketing company in Pune we have seen many of the businesses who have gone from zero to Hero just creating a strong online presence.

How many stores can you open in a particular demographic ? 

Not more than a few hundred for sure. But when you are business comes online you are virtually e connected to 4.57 billion people.  by having only a physical presence can never give you such a huge reach.
the most important point Is you can handle lakhs of customers without the need for appointing a huge amount of staff. An online business can help you in catering to a large number of people without investing much of your time in building infrastructure.

TIP :- As your website presence has become global take this as an opportunity to market your products abroad.

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